Buffy Armstrong, Writer

Works in Progress

The Dark King’s Lover – Novella

Set in a world in which the Fae hunt witches for their magical powers, immortal witch Darby Cross has run from Black Duff for years only to succumb to his seductive advances every time she closes her eyes. She knows better than to trust a faerie, especially the Dark King himself, but she accepts his bargain to be with him for three days knowing she is risking her life.

Black Duff, King of the Dark Fae, is used to getting what he wants. He has wanted Darby since he first saw her standing over the body of her dead sister. He fierce pursuit has finally earned him three days with Darby, but that might not be enough to satisfy his need for her.

In a secluded woodland cabin, Duff and Darby find that lust might not be the only thing bringing them together. Can a witch and faerie find love or will outside influences prevail?

The Dark Man (Working Title)

Feared by both humans and faeries alike, Carrig is known only as The Dark Man. Meticulous and aloof, he carries out the orders of the Verdant Queen. A misstep, centuries old, threatens to jeopardize his very survival. He enlists the help of a mortal woman, Dr. Alicia Ann Cox to locate a priceless gemstone. If she fails, he dies. He will not allow her to fail even if she is the only woman who has looked at him as a man in half a millennia.

Alicia detests her job at a small upstate New York college. She used to get lost in faerie stories and folklore, but they now leave her cold. The Dark Man shakes up her quiet little life. Faeries do exists and he has given her the ability to see them. Only catch; she must locate a man no one will admit exists or suffer the consequences. Alicia finds herself drawn to Carrig. Is he the callous faerie he portrays or is he something else altogether?

Through one misadventure after another, Alicia finds herself immersed in a strange faerie culture ruled by terrible creatures and the machinations of a faerie queen. As Alicia and Carrig grow closer together, she worries he is the one to fear.
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